Monday, February 17, 2014

how To Demonstrate High Status Around Women

Being attractive to women is NOT about saying a few lines and hoping for the best. Instead it involves demonstrating core personality traits which women. Specifically one of the MOST important characteristics you need to display is the principle of "demonstrating higher status" around women.

What this means is whenever you're around a woman you must take specific actions that demonstrate you're an important person to know. Since people (especially women) look to others for social proof, you'll increase your chances of success if she thinks you're a guy with high status.

So how do you establish higher status?

Well, the truth is higher status is hard thing for many guys to accomplish. It's often a matter of being able to walk into a room full of strangers and find a way to instantly become "top dog". So to increase your chances of demonstrating higher status, you need to incorporate a variety of personality traits.

Here are some of the most things you can do to show higher status:

• Having lots of friends (especially women) around you who say complementary things

• Being the leader of your group

• Using cocky/funny lines, negs and funny stories to create an interesting personality

• Show alpha male traits like confidence, integrity, strength of character and respect

• Demonstrating confident body language

By demonstrating higher status around women, you'll become more attractive. In fact, if you learn to cultivate this attitude everywhere you go, girls will be naturally drawn to your presence.

So do yourself a favor. Find out what it means to be a higher status male and work hard at learning how to display these traits.

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